MOM-Alumni Skype Conference, 10th Mar 2013

Minutes of Meeting: EGF Alumni Skype Conference, 10th March 2013

 Attendee: Ireni Akoijam, Bishwajit Okram, Jayanta Yumnam, Opendro Thudam and Chitaranjan Thoudam

o   Discussed about the fund drive for alumni and decision has been made to collect Rs.100 per month only from each alumni earning members. Members can make their contribution in monthly basis or 3 or 6 months or 1 year advance payment. Request all earning members to make their contribution to Opendro’s account from April 2013 onward  other member also can make the contribution if they wish to but not mandatory.

o   Tamo Bishwajit brought the idea of having Lotto to make fund for alumni; final decision will be taken bases on the alumni member’s response after opening an online poll in “EGF Facebook group”.

o   Alumni get together will be held on Sunday, 3rd Nov 2013 (Diwali) in Manipur. Plans for the meet can be discussed in coming days; it is likely to be lunch cum discussion/activities. Request all alumni to plan your vacation accordingly.

o   All the participants in this meeting had also express about the importance of selecting an active member from each batch as “batch coordinator” to bring more members and coordinate when there is need, this needs to be done in near future.

o   Iche Ireni will approach school to have interaction with class IX and X students with alumni members in monthly basis.

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