MOM-International Skype Conference, 13th May 2012

Date: 13 May 2012
Time 7.30pm-9pm

Members Present:
1. Okram Bishwajit
2. Laishram Tiken
3. Leishanthem Premkumar
4. Thoudam Chitaranjan
5. Hidam Gourashyam
6. Dr. Yumnam Jayanta
(New members)
7. Gobin Sapam, Software Engineer, Infosys
8. Nilakanta Singh, Electrical Engineering students, (Don Bosco Engg College, Assam)

Outcomes of the Meeting:
1. Time for Alumni meet 2012
Most of the members preferred to organize the meet during the month of October/ November.

2. Telephonic conference
After a thorough consideration, the plan for starting a telephonic conference system was put on hold by the members for the time being. (Skype conference will be continued asusual.)

3. Mini Alumni
City wise or zone wise alumni meets for members staying in different places were encouraged for expansion of the alumni membership.

4. Regular Development for School
Members suggest and discuss about library facility in the school vis-à-vis reference books, sample answers for previous exams, creation of book banks etc.

5. Local Alumni meeting
Members discussed to find strategies to expand the group keeping the bigger plans ahead in mind. Members were suggested to contact their batch mates (potential members) in order to increase local participation. Names of Sanatomba and Hamidur came up during discussion as suitable candidates to co-coordinate the member in Manipur with the existing group.

6. Helping hands
Members will start noting the names of alumni who can actively involve during the meet and future activities of alumni.

7. Alumni’s Gift to School
“What to be given as a gift to school?” is still opened to discussion for the next meeting.

Progress from previous/Current events:
1. Lecture series: Dr Hamidur is waiting for a date from the Headmaster.
2. Guide on English speaking: Opendro will update the group.

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