MOM-International Skype Conference, 15th April 2012

Date: 15.04.2012
Timing: 19 hrs-20.30 hrs IST.


1. Chitaranjan Thoudam
2. Sanatomba Akoijam
3. Iqbal Moiching Mayum
4. Opendro Thoudam
5. Ireni Akoijam
6. Dayananda Thingujam
7. Dr Jayanta Yumnam
8. Bishwajit Okram
9. Premkumar Leishangthem


Ireni Akoijam proposed for everyone’s ideas to make monthly skype conference more attractive, in some innovative ways if possible. She also appreciated the efforts that have been underway so far. She suggested to sort out alumni short term and long term goals/plans as an example to induce/entice members to come prepared make as an interesting element for every subsequent meeting.

Opendro Thoudam briefed about the efforts so far alumni plans to make or has made to the first timer Ireni Akoijam and Dayananda Thingujam. (Both of them have been actively supporting alumni movement although they were in the conference for the first time.)

Sanatomba Akoijam shared his ideas that along with his fellow alumni members they were planning to launch schemes/competitions that would attract more users.

Ireni Akoijam suggested that more local alumni members should be encouraged to join to make our movement a success. She further suggested that if possible alumni could even go advertising regularly to create more awareness among the local alumni members.

Dr Jayanta Yumnam opined that alumni website and EGF website may have to be run separately. He suggested that to make both the website more efficient and effective in their own rights.

He further reported that he and Dr Hamidur had met Headmaster of the school during his recent visit to Manipur, and discussed about possible introduction of monthly visiting lecturers in the school. He was told that headmaster would let us know after consulting the school staff.

He also shared the news that EGF was planning to upgrade itself into higher secondary level in another few years.

Chitaranjan and others suggested the use of telephone conference instead of skype conference so that more people could be connected. He and others viewed their concerns that Skype had a lot of limitations.

Premkumar Leishangthem also suggested about some softwares but everyone agreed to try one first i.e. teleconference.

Ireni Akoijam also suggested if alumni minutes or decisions of the monthly conference could be disseminated to the members through group email, as emails were used regularly.

Bishwajit Okram briefed an earlier decision that due to confidentiality and security reasons, alumni conference participants have gradually shifted the discussion / minutes sharing into the alumni website only and appealed members to start using the website, and join all the forum set up arduously by Chitaranjan. Alumni must recognize Chitaranjan’s efforts in the development of such a website, he further added.

Bishwajit Okram also agreed with Ireni that email with brief summary can still be sent out to the members on regular basis particularly with alumni agenda of the meeting happened and forthcoming. However, he further requested emphasis should be given to the optimum usage of the alumni website.

Chitaranjan dwelled at length the usage and connections of alumni website. Interestingly, now every information that was shared in the alumni forum could be received in to members’ email inboxes as he has made such a set up to make many facilities more user friendly. He further requested everyone to log into alumni website and start using the same.

Bishwajit Okram summarized the conference saying that for the next month conference every participants should come up with small yet beautiful suggestions as to what alumni wanted to do for the school this time. Dr Jayanta and Opendro were requested to brief about the pet projects alumni planned to launch soon for the school students, to which both had agreed.

Bishwajit Okram also took the responsibility of testing the teleconference in lieu of skype conference with Chitaranjan and shall share the result with members in the next conference.

Key resolutions:
1. The conference decided to permanently shift the day to every 2nd Sunday instead of every 2nd Saturday, and the timing should be kept at 7.30 pm instead of 7 pm. This was in order to facilitate the need of different participants.
2. The conference also decided to finalize the short term goal for this year in May conference.
3. Unanimously agreed that members should come up with ideas that can bring in more members into the group.

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