To be a Good Human Being

By Dr. Md. Hamidur Rahaman
EGF School Batch: 1992
Post-Doctoral Fellow
University of Pennsylvania, USA

I started my schooling in EGF School. I grew up as a horribly, painfully, terribly shy child. I was a mediocre in class and my co-curricular activities were also very weak. I couldn’t participate in any stage performance. But I tried a lot and could recite only once with a shaking leg in my school-life. We grew up in an environment where we were very shy to speak in English with each other. In class, our beloved teachers always remind us that whatever we learnt during schooldays would make the base for our life. Really it is a fact. After school days, when we tried to communicate with other people in English especially I couldn’t do in a proper way, making mistakes, sometimes in pronunciation, sometimes in fluency etc. Even now I sometimes face problems with pronunciation. I am sure that it happens to most of us all. I want to share with my juniors about three important things for success in life: communication, choice of career and moral character.

Good communication skill is the key to success in life. Without effective communication, a message can turn into an error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster by being misinterpreted or poorly delivered. In every profession those who are very good in communication, they will succeed. In today’s highly informational and technological environment it has become increasingly important to have good communication skill. I feel that our school should create an environment which the students are encouraged to communicate in English in a proper way. The students should try to obtain better command of English language, expand their vocabulary by reading and writing more.

After school most of us are stuck with the questions like “Where should I go? Which profession should I choose? What should I engage in? How can I successfully fulfil myself?” There are many professions such as doctor, engineer, civil servant, lawyer, politician, scientist etc. Every profession is good if we can perform it. I remember the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. We should choose the career which can make a difference in the society. To choose a right career we need a proper guidance and good decision. The students should be encouraged to attend open lectures on various subjects – physics, chemistry, history, arts, computer, sports – simply everything, so that they possess all the tools to choose a profession for life wholeheartedly. We often should organize seminars, symposium and workshops which will enable the students to get proper guidance from right persons. We must create a society for our children where the choice of a profession, however profitable, does not end with the calculation of making money, but also aims to bring the person‟s emotional [spiritual] satisfaction in the profession. One should be able to enjoy the profession in which he engages. We can get success in any profession if we do it with a creative mind. We should encourage the students to develop innovative ideas. Lastly, our final aim in life is to contribute to the society for a better world.

Another important thing in our life is morality. We should value the good and forbid the evil in all spheres of life. The good morals include truthfulness, reliability, generosity, hospitality, honesty, integrity, patience, sincerity, politeness, respect and many other things. Today moral degradation all over the world is a serious threat to mankind. Corruption, poverty, human rights violation, environment pollution, repression of women and children are the results of intolerable moral degradation. We can mention the success of great leader like Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. Gandhi described in My Experiments with Truth that truth and morality are interdependent and can‟t be separated ever. Truth, because, “it’s my sole objective, it began to grow in magnitude every day and my definition of it also has been ever widening”. Gandhiji was a true warrior, a real General. He believed that truth was the greatest weapon that one can use to win any battle. He could prove it with great success in his mission. If only we could follow him, the world could get rid of its afflictions.

Really speaking the success of our school owes to the moral values given by our teachers. In school we were always bound to the strict discipline maintained by our beloved teachers. I always remember the saying of our headmaster in the class that wherever you go, you will carry the name of EGF School. I always feel that I am lucky to write the name of our School in my CV.

Fortune favours the prepared mind.

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